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Window Envelope Making Machine ZF-480B
Window Envelope Making Machine ZF-480B
Product Details

Ruian Haoxing Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China window envelope making machine manufacturers, and we are also a professional supplier, exporter equipped with factory, we export full automatic window envelope maker, multifunction sending bag making machine. Welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.

ZF-480B Full Automatic Window Envelope Making machine is specially designed for producing Pocket and Wallet envelopes with patching windows. 

Its patching widnows system can stop cutting automatically when the machine is short of paper during running; also it's provided with a finished product counter and an automatic rotary delivery unit, also featured by stable performance as well as fast and accurate debugging during mass production. 

Product Features

1.Reliable sheet separation of the air-suction bottom feeding system with automatic feeding of non-stop operation of the equipment . 

2.Easy regulation of the positioning structure of the paper with accurate positioning . 

3.Ensuring the precision of finished products regarding the parts of vertical and cross creasing under the high-speed running of the machine. 

4.Rotary sizing applicable for any forms of glue lines. 

5.Provided with the folder for the suction roller for the stable production in a

high-speed state.

6.Visible and accurate regulation of the dial under the condition of fine adjustment. 

7.Mounted with electric counter and automatic delivery unit on the collecting part.

Main Technical



Paper weight

60-180 g/m²

Window size

30x55mm - 130x150mm

1.18x2.16 inch –  5.11x5.91 inch

Size ranges envelopes

Pocket envelope

85x85mm - 229x324mm

3.35x3.35inch - 9.01x12.75inch

Wallet envelope

85x85mm - 230x160mm

3.35x3.35inch - 9.05x6.29inch

Output per hour

8000-10000 pieces

Connected load






Process Sequence

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