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    Small Pocket Envelope Making Machine HP-250
    Small Pocket Envelope Making Machine HP-250
    Product Details

    Ruian Haoxing Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China small pocket envelope making machine manufacturers, and we are also a professional supplier, exporter equipped with factory, we export full automatic red pocket making machine, medicine bag making machine. Welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.

    HP-250 Full automatic packet envelope making machine is suitable for producing small pocket envelope (open-end envelope), red pocket, chopstick bag, drug bag and so on.

    It is characterized by an air-suction paper drawing system, automatic devices for folding, gluing, counting and delivery reasonable structural design, stable performance, efficient mass production and very easy debugging for it .

    Product Features

    1. Reliable sheet separation 

    2. No-stop feeder 

    3. Easy regulation and paper positioning, accurate paper positioning 

    4. Ensuring under high speeds. 

    5. High quality electronic parts.

    6. High Production efficiency. 

    7. Operator Friendly.

    Technical parameter:



    Paper weight

    50 - 200 g/m²

    Output per hour

    5000 - 22000 pieces

    Size ranges envelopes

    30x50mm - 120x250 mm

    1.18x1.96 inch – 4.72x9.84 inch

    Connected load

    4.1 kw




    1550x800x1230 mm

    Process sketch map:

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